Wednesday, 2 July 2014

19/2014 Still Grenada

Hi from Clare,                                   1st July 2014

So we have been in Grenada for just over a month and I am nearly going stir crazy. This is probably the first time in our cruising nine years that we have stayed in the one place for this length of time. We are a bit restless as we are eager to move on to Bonaire. If we intended staying in Grenada for the entire hurricane season I guess we would form a circle of friends, get into a routine and select activities to keep us occupied.

We have caught up with a number of friends, some we haven't seen for years like our Kiwi mates Mark and Amanda on 'Balvenie'. Unfortunately they were only in Grenada for a short while before flying out, however we did manage a share some time together. We have also caught up with American friends Walt and Meryl on 'Flying Cloud' who are on their way to Trinidad to haul out. Our English friends Phil and Monica on 'Miss Molly' are here in Grenada along with British friends Don and Glenys on 'Agua Therapy'. When we go to Bonaire we will catch up with English friends Mark and Sue on 'Macushla'. All these friends we met in the Med and so we have some shared history. It is good to catch up and hear of their experiences, some are happy to continue cruising and some have had enough. We have also met many other cruisers here in Grenada and it is surprising how many Aussie boats are here; we are certainly not short of company.

We went on a day tour of the island calling into a small chocolate factory and a rum factory. Grenada is called the Spice Island there are many tropical fruits and spices growing prolifically. The countryside is very lush and hilly which at times it was quite a challenge for our small minivan with its human cargo crammed inside.

Lunch at the Chocolate Factory
Old sugar factory
Chocolate Factory

On Sunday we went to the small village of Gouyave on the west coast for their annual fisherman's picnic. The morning started with the blessing of the fleet and then a street party in the afternoon. Approximately fifty cruisers joined in with the locals for the street party but unfortunately it was a rainy afternoon and so we stood huddled under verandahs or whatever protection we could find. We caught the first minivan home which left at 6pm. It was quite a trip around the cliff face on steep winding roads. We got home safe and sound just on dark. One of the other minivans which left later in the evening managed to clip two cars on the way home. There's something to be said for leaving in daylight.

Kids at the street party

Fishermans house
The Fishing Co-op in Gouyave

If the current weather pattern stays the same we will leave for Bonaire later this week. It is approximately 350 miles and although we have the opportunity to stop overnight in the Venezuelan Islands we might sail straight through.

Love Candy xx

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