Monday, 16 June 2014

18/2014 More Grenada

Hi from Clare,                                              Friday 13th June 2014

So here we sit at anchor in "paradise" on Friday 13th and appropriately for the date, it's a grey day. The sunny skies have vanished and we are left with rain, wind and humidity.
Prickly Bay

We spent a few wonderful days at Port Egmont (our hurricane hole) enjoying the peace and quiet. It was lovely to have early morning coffee in the cockpit listening to the birds. We enjoyed walks around the hills amongst some very attractive holiday homes. We learnt from a local chap that the homes are owned by Europeans who spend six months of the year here to escape their cold winter. We encountered some large watch dogs ready to defend their property; we just hoped the fences were in good condition.
Prickly Bay

We returned to Clarke's Court Bay for provisions and tried to find a comfortable spot to settle. We found that when out of the wind the boat rolled and when in the wind, although the boat was still the wind howling through the rigging drove us crazy.

Houses around Prickly Bay

We have now moved a short distance to Hog Island which has better protection but no facilities. If necessary we can dinghy to the various marinas in the surrounding bays, but for most of the time we are on the boat and not getting much exercise.
Eye Candy alone in Port Egmont

On the beach at Hog Island
We are waiting for a break in the weather so we can go to Bonaire but we are not in a hurry as we hear on the radio that Bonaire also has windy conditions. I don't know who writes the brochures, but it's all lies I tell you, it's all lies.

Apart from the fact that we are not doing much, we are both well and happy.
Love Candy xx

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