Monday, 26 May 2014

16/2014 Farewell to Trinidad

Hi from Clare,                                      Sunday 25th May 2014

At long last we are planning our escape from Trinidad. Our work is completed and frankly we have had enough. The boat looks good after having a number of little improvements done - you know how it is - the ones you keep putting off.
We had a nice few days break in Tobago. We particularly enjoyed the air conditioned flat, we even had a sleep the first afternoon; oh how sad. Our flat was within easy walking distance of the beach and a tourist strip with shops and restaurants. We ate out each night and tried some local cuisine which was very tasty and inexpensive.
Our "hotel"
The hire car and the winding road around Tobago
We were surprised to see people of all ages hitch hiking until we discovered the system. There are some registered taxis, but it is common practice for the locals to pick people up for a small fee. Of course you don't have exclusive use of that car, the driver keeps picking people up en route until the car is full; the system seems to work well and it certainly is fast; no hanging around waiting for a taxis, we were picked up immediately.
View of Charlotteville anchorage

We hired a car and circumnavigated the island. It was a good way to check out the various anchorages for future reference. I don't know whether we will return as there isn't much there. But we had a nice relaxing time and came back to Trinidad ready to continue working.

Move over Cher, Clare has found a gun
The weather has been hot and humid and for the past week we have had fires on the hill close to the marina. No attempt is made to put the fire out unless it threatens property. For days Eye Candy has been showered with ash and our eyes and throats are sore from the smoke. Needless to say our clothes and everything on the boat smells. Thankfully today it is raining; we are hoping it will continue long enough to make a difference.
Fires at the boatyard
We are here with our English friends Ken and Judith on 'Badgers Sett'. They will be here for a few months undergoing major work on their eighteen year old Westerly Ocean Lord yacht. At present they are scheduled to have the boat painted but the fires have put pay to that idea. They have rented an apartment and have a hire car for the duration. Judith has very kindly taken me shopping every week and yesterday we went to a very modern shopping complex and had a ladies lunch with friends of Judith. We had also been out to dinner a number of times and shared evening drinks together. So as you can see it hasn't been all work and no play.
And the result on Eye Candy

We will leave Trinidad in the next few days for Granada which is eighty miles north. We are looking forward to going back to cruising.

Love Candy xx

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