Sunday, 27 April 2014

14/2014 Trinidad

Hi from Clare,                            25th April 2014

We had a terrific sail from Martinque to Trinidad at 60 degrees apparent averaging 7 knots for the trip. We arrived in Chaguaramas, Trinidad in time for the Easter holiday weekend. Bad luck for us as this is a maintenance stop and all the businesses were closed.

We spent the Easter break in Scotland Bay which is four miles from the busy harbour. Two years ago in Scotland Bay we had a brief but very peaceful stay. However over Easter we shared the bay with hundreds of local people camped along the shore. The music was deafening, some tents had four full sized speakers along with a generator to power them. Also it seemed that every power boat in the bay had music at full volume; they certainly are a noisy lot.

Last week we attended the OCC (Ocean Cruising Club) 60th birthday dinner with twenty four members in attendance. It was a terrific night and it gave us a chance to either meet or catch up with OCC friends. A number of prizes were donated by local businesses. We did pretty well as I won a $50 voucher from Budget Marine and Andrew won two return ferry tickets to Tobago. We have decided to make the most of the ferry tickets and spend a few days in Tobago in the near future.

We are now in Crews Inn marina in Chaguaramas Trinidad. Andrew is currently removing the alternator and this morning I started polishing the woodwork at 6.30am before the day gets too hot. We have now purchased the fabric to have new saloon cushions made starting on Monday, hurray! If David (The Upholstery Shop) has time after the saloon is completed, there are also a number of little improvements I would like. We have also bought a new Rocna 20 kilogram anchor and employed a business to polish and buff the deck and the hull. We are using the time to rationalize and clean all the lockers. I am enjoying the use of the laundry and the chance to wash bedding and large items. The airconditioned washroom is cool too. By the time we leave here Eye Candy will live up to her name.

Fortunately it is not all work and no play. We head off to the marina's pool late in the afternoon for a swim and to relax on the lounges. It is a very nice marina and we have internet access as well. We have a booking here until 7th May. I'm sorry I haven't taken any photos for this newsletter but I will pull my socks up for next time.

After our trip to Tobago we will head to Granada for a few weeks.

Love Candy xx

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