Tuesday, 14 January 2014

No 2/14 Tortola & the Baths

Hi from Clare,                                      Sunday 12th January 2014


We anchored for three days in the Road Town inner harbour on the island of Tortola BVI. It was very calm and protected from the strong winds which seem to be normal for this time of the year. Don and Glenys on Agua Therapy were in the near by marina having their rig checked. Surprise, surprise, the rigger knew how to charge but his solution to the problem didn't instil confidence. So Don and Andrew got together and with the instruction manual at hand, did the job themselves at a much keener price.

The Cruise Ship Tourist Trap

On previous occasions we have only visited Tortola for reprovisioning, so being a tourist for a few days was a refreshing change. Glenys and I checked out the shops and explored the town taking in the 'tourist trap' area designed to attract the Cruise Ship trade. I might add Don and Andrew tagged along behind us happily talking 'boats'. I doubt they saw anything that Glenys and I saw.

Road Town and The Dove Restaurant

On our final night in Tortola Don and Glenys requested to shout us dinner at the marina for the help Andrew had given Don. However upon our arrival they had changed the venue and we had a booking at The Dove, one of the premium restaurants in town; very generous but very naughty of them. The food was beautifully presented and every mouthful from the entrée, main course, dessert, cheese platter to wine, port and liqueur coffee was a gastronomic delight. Needless to say sharing this experience with Don and Glenys will stay in our memory for a long time.

The shore break and Clare's arrival (Olympic style)

The Baths

The following morning we parted company. It was farewell but not goodbye, I'm sure we will meet again. Don and Glenys headed south to the USVI and we headed north to Virgin Gorda BVI. We desperately wanted to see the area known as The Baths. It's a huge pile of granite boulders forming a natural maze. Inside the caves are ladders and wooden walkways and lovely small emerald pools with white sand bottoms. This is our third attempt to see the site and although the swell was up we decided not to be faint hearted. There is a line of buoys off the shore to leave the dinghy and then it's a swim to shore between the waves. Once reaching the beach our fins became an impediment and we struggled to stay upright. However we fared better than some people who were washed up the beach like sea weed. I had my new underwater camera with me and so you can check out our snaps.
We are currently anchored in Long Bay on the western side of Virgin Gorda. There is some snorkelling here and although there is little fish life, the coral is probably the best we have seen in the BVI - but not a wow factor.

Pathway in the Baths and one giant stride for man

I think we will stay here for the moment as there are friends on a couple of boats coming through that we wish to catch up with before leaving the BVI. Anyhow I will keep you posted if and when we meet up.

Love Candy xx

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