Sunday, 19 January 2014

3/14 Farewell to the BVIs

Hi from Clare,                                             Saturday 18th January 2104
Early in the week we spent a few days in Long Bay (not the gaol) on the west side of Virgin Gorda BVI. The bay was mostly deserted and so we spent a peaceful time swimming ,snorkelling and enjoying glorious sun sets in the evenings.

Sunset at Long Bay & North Sound, Virgin Gorda

We have been waiting for our friends, English couple Philip and Monica on Miss Molly and Aussie couple Ian and Helen on Sundancer 11. They were coming from St Martin and as that is our next destination we decided to stay here and wait rather than run the risk of being ships passing in the night. On Wednesday we came around to the busy bay at North Sound Virgin Gorda. This is where we sailed into at the end of the Salty Dawg Rally some nine weeks ago. So we are back where we started and the bay is just as busy now as it was then. There are many cruising yachts and some very large power boats and square rigged tall ships. The local small ferries, small private power boats and dinghies cause constant wake all day. Thankfully it stops at night and we all enjoy a good night's sleep.

We met fellow OCC members Jill and Tony on Nychea and had a most enjoyable evening with them on their boat. We really enjoy the British sense of humour. There were no awkward moments and it wasn't long before we were all laughing and sharing experiences. Jill and Tony have already left for St Martins and we are looking forward to catching up with them in the coming weeks.

We hosted drinks on Eye Candy on Thursday night and welcomed Philip and Monica and Ian and Helen to the BVI. We last saw Philip and Monica in the Canaries two years ago and we last caught up with Ian and Helen at the CYCA in Sydney in September before we flew out of Australia.

Monica, Mandy, Gavin, Clare, Helen, Ian and Phil & Andrew with the Band
Last night we celebrated Phil's birthday on Miss Molly. We also met British couple Gavin and Mandy from Secret Smile. We had a terrific evening and I hope Phil enjoyed his birthday as much as we did. Late in the evening Phil produced his guitar and Gavin joined him on his saxophone. They both played very well and we enjoyed a medley of familiar tunes from sometime back in history.

We will leave tomorrow morning to sail 80 miles to St Martin. We will be traveling south east into a 10-12 knot SE wind; that's if the forecast is right.
Love Candy xx

At 1:23 PM8/01/2014 (utc) our position was 18°25.58'N 064°37.04'W

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