Thursday, 5 December 2013

No 31/13 Rain and Sun

Hi from Clare,                                          Wednesday, 4th December 2013

OPEN SHUT AND OPEN SHUT AND GIVE A LITTLE CLAP (Until this week these were just words from a child's nursery rhyme)
For the past week we have experienced cycles of sunshine, heat, wind and rain. I seem to spend most of my day watching the weather and opening and closing hatches. Years ago when first on the boat, Andrew christened me "Minister for Openings and Closings". Well I can tell you, the poor old Minister is working overtime this week. It has also rained every night except for one and so the Minister is working night shift as well. Today the weather is no different, we had dead calm this morning then a boisterous sail to our next destination followed by rain and now we are seeking shelter from forecast strong wind; nothing like a bit of variety to keep us on our toes.

The highlights for the week have been some terrific company and some good snorkelling. We had English friends Rob and Sarah from 'Serafina' on Eye Candy for drinks and then a few nights later we went to their boat for drinks and met a new English couple Ian and Fiona from 'Ruffian'. Both nights were very entertaining as Rob is a talented story teller and after spending a good proportion of his work life around charter boats he has a wealth of experience from which to draw.

Deb, Rob and Sarah & Dead Mans Bay, Peter Is

After saying in my last newsletter that the snorkelling was ho hum we managed to find a few good sites on Norman Island. There are some lovely caves to snorkel and the fish life is the best we have seen in the BVIs. I love seeing all the tropical fish and when the water is around 28 degrees it is a pleasure; in fact I hate having to get out of the water.

We went over to the island of Tortola for provisioning. There were two large cruise ships in the harbour and Tortola is also the base for Sunsail, Moorings and a few other yacht chartering companies. We heard that the fresh fruit and veg arrives Sunday morning and by Sunday afternoon the best of it has gone. I guess with hundreds of charter yachts provisioning for the following week it is no real surprise. We arrived Sunday mid morning and got everything we needed except for tomatoes; they were totally sold out. Not to worry we restocked the Rum supply so hell, who needs tomatoes.

Windward side of Peter Is and Benures Bay, Norman Is    TAKING IT EASY We are now on the island of Jost Van Dyke. It is overcast and threatening rain, certainly a lot different from the brilliant sunshine we experienced here last April. It's probably a good thing to have a few dull days as Deb has been working on her suntan and she is fast approaching the colour of the natives. We will have to be careful going into town as we could loose her in the crowd.

We will be in the BVIs for a few more days before we go across to the American Virgin Islands. Andrew and I haven't been there before and so we are all looking forward to the adventure.

Love Candy and Deb xxx.

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