Friday, 29 November 2013

No 30/13 Paradise

Hi from Clare,                                                 Thursday 28th November, 2013

So here we are on island time. It is wonderful to have no commitments and be able to please ourselves. The biggest decision each day is to decide whether to move to another near by beautiful island or stay put.

We left North Sound, Virgin Gorda and the Salty Dawg Rally people last Saturday and sailed eight miles to Anageda Island. We passed Richard Branson's island on the way, see photo. He has certainly picked a beautiful spot in the world. His house is high on the hill top which provides wonderful views of the surrounding hilly islands and aqua blue seas.

Anegada beach and town anchorage

Richard Branson's Island and Spanish Town Marina

Anegada Island is said to have the best beaches in the BVI. We spent the day walking the beach and swimming in 28 degree water. It was very desolate and immensely peaceful. We spent the night at anchor but unfortunately our peace was ruined as we rolled rather badly. Andrew and I had to abandon the V-berth with its lovely open hatch and warm night breeze and retreat to the couch in the saloon and the second aft cabin where the movement of the boat is less. Deb who has the other aft cabin slept through the night totally unaware. The following morning we walked a few miles into the sleepy town. The walk was good, we needed the exercise but the town was a sleepy hollow. I think the bars along the shore would come alive at night as the shallow harbour is a popular spot for visiting catamarans.


Little Dix Bay Resort

LOVELY RESORTS We came back to Virgin Gorda for the night and the following morning we went down to Spanish Town towards the south end of the island. There is a marina there with a little shopping mall but once outside the marina there is not much to see. There are some large houses on the surrounding hills but difficult to reach by foot as the roads are very narrow and without footpaths. We walked through a park across the island to the resort at Little Dix Bay; a lovely tropical spot, see photos.

So now we have moved about 10 miles to Peter Island. We are anchored in a large and well protected bay. We went snorkelling yesterday off the back of the boat. The coral and fish were just OK but this is an Aussie talking and we are spoilt.

We will stay here today to enjoy the sunshine, peace and quiet and some swimming. There are a few more islands within the BVI group which we will explore over the next two weeks before going to the American Virgin Islands.

Love Candy and Deb xxx

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