Sunday, 28 October 2012

No 36 Portsmouth Virginia

Hi from Clare,                                                      Saturday 27th October 2012

After leaving Washington DC we made our way to Portsmouth Virginia where we will stay until Hurricane Sandy passes over or blows through you might say.

On our way here we stopped off at St Mary's which was the original Capital city of Maryland's founded in the early 1600's. The site is being developed by using original bricks to re establish the government buildings. Timber homes and business are being rebuilt on the original foundations and great care is being taken to replicate the layout and structure of the city. It is located in a very pretty bay surrounded by trees ablaze with autumn colours.


Old St Mary's buildings rebuilt on site

We then called in at Kilmarnock, Virginia to see an American couple John and Jeannie who we met on the beach at Conception Island in the Bahamas in May this year. At the time they gave us their card and suggested we call in to see them when coming back down the coast. Once again we were treated to wonderfully generous American hospitality with evening cocktails and dinner at their favorite Thai restaurant. As you can see in the photos their home is situated on a lovely peaceful river with a dock at the bottom of their garden. What a wonderful set up, if only this was available in Australia; it's like a dream come true. We had a wonderful evening catching up and it all ended too soon.

Kilmarnock dock views

So after out peaceful break in idyllic surroundings we are now sitting in Portsmouth Virginia in the rain. As you can by the photos, we have prepared for Hurricane Sandy we think.
We have additional lines going in all directions to hold the boat in place as the wind clocks from N/E to North and then West. Tidal surge is probably our biggest concern as the poles we are tired to will be under water when the expected seven foot surge occurs. We have brought the sails inside, removed all the canvas and this morning we took the solar panels below. We have our old blue dodger up for some protection from the rain. At present it is very grey and still. The wind will start building tomorrow Sunday with the worst of it around Tuesday. We don't really know what to expect but I guess we are about to find out. One good thing we are not out at anchor and we feel quite safe here.

Eye Candy's tieup - these poles will go underwater in the storm surge

Last time we were in July we experienced a heat wave with temperatures in excess of 40 degrees every day. We became quite friendly with Bob the owner of Mile Marker "O" Marine Supplies as we sought relief in his air conditioned shop. Bob has been most helpful again this trip as we have used his marine shop as our mailing address whilst in America. It was like Christmas when we arrived and his bench is still packed with parcels for the English boats we have been traveling with and will arrive shortly.

More insurance photos and chatting with the neighbours

One of our cruising friends John on ‘Moon Shadow’ is in a Marina just ten minutes walk away. He and Andrew have been running back and forwards between boats conferring on the weather and sharing a few rums to steady their nerves. We had dinner out the other night with a Swiss couple Gerry and Claudia and a single hander Bob who have now moved on to the shallow waters of the Dismal Swamp. I went shopping the other day to buy a new saucepan but got led astray by the sales and returned with some new clothes; a much better idea.

Well that’s anyone’s guess. At this stage we think we will be here until Friday and more importantly we hope we will be here on Friday and still floating.

Love Candy xx oo

At 10:14 PM27/10/2012 (utc) our position was 36°50.12'N 076°17.79'W

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