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No 34 Annapolis Boat Show

Hi from Clare,                                                                 Saturday 6th October 2012

After the Seven Seas Cruising Association Gam we sailed fifteen miles to St Michael's which is a pristine, picturesque, up market village quietly nestled on the water's edge of a large bay. It is a well sort after location for successful business men and politicians to have a summer home. It is centrally positioned with a short drive to New York, Washington DC and Annapolis. We were told that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have holiday homes there and have been seen racing each other around the bay in their one man sailing boats. Obvious question, did we get invited to their homes for a drink. Well, No, mainly (I'm sure) because we didn't find their homes - no doubt they are tucked away from the public eye.
Waterfront scenes at St Michaels

We spent two nights in the bay along with Prue and Bert on 'Exuberant' exploring St Michael's township. We also enjoyed getting some exercise by walking around the waterfront and along the well maintained nature trails surrounding the town. We then said farewell to Prue and Bert and made our way back to Annapolis and our mooring outside Mike and Marguerite's home.
St Michaels housing with Haloween decorations

We invited Mike and Marguerite for dinner on Eye Candy the next evening. I mentioned in my last newsletter that Mike and Marguerite have just finished a fourteen year circumnavigation. Mike is a retired Navy captain, and was a fighter pilot and test pilot as well as a commanding officer of a Naval Air Station. He flew two hundred and three combat missions in the Vietnam War.
During their cruising life they were in Malaysia during the 2004 tsunami and they joined with other "yachties" to organize relief to the small destroyed towns. They transported food, clothes, baby products and more down the small waterways that relief workers weren't yet able to reach. They stayed for six months.
Mike and Marguerite are not at all boastful and we only found out the above information by reading the local Annapolis press. So after fourteen years of cruising, traversing the major oceans of the world and visiting forty five countries Mike's statement to the press was "I have determined to my own satisfaction that the world is round" and when asked which is his favorite place … " it's here" he said "because it's home".

Andrew and I visited the Naval College. It is a huge place with magnificent grounds and beautiful buildings. We were surprised at how freely we could walk around visiting the Visitor's Centre, Chapel and Crypt, Gymnasium and the sport fields. There are also guided tours which included some of the barracks but as we had Marguerite's car parked in a two hour zone we didn't have time for the tour.

Naval College grounds and Chapel

Mike drove all of us into the boat show on Friday. We were fortunate to have parking nearby at his son's business address as the streets were packed. The boat show is huge and although we spent a full day there on Friday we haven't seen everything yet. Andrew and I attended a talk in the ballroom of the Marriott Hotel by Jimmy Cornell, author of World Cruising Routes and many more cruising books. We then made our way to the tents and saw many exhibits and chatted with the experts. We have a two day ticket so we have decided to avoid the weekend crowds and attend again on Monday.
At the Boat Show with Marguerite and Mike

By that stage Amanda and Patrick on "Egret" had arrived and taken up one of the moorings outside Mike and Marguerite's home.
Carol and Steve on "Innamorata" arrived today to take up another mooring outside Mike and Marguerite's. Amanda has invited us all for dinner on "Egret" tonight. The weather is looking a little threatening so let's hope our luck holds out.

Tomorrow Mike and Marguerite have organized a BBQ for their neighbours to meet all of us. By then "Yindee Plus" will arrive with Sue, Chris and sons Wilf and Syd. It will be quite a gathering of cruisers.
Yesterday Marguerite said "Oh we want our neighbours to meet our interesting friends"
At this point I'm not sure just what I'm going to do to make myself interesting by tomorrow. Oh, I'll think of something.

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