Monday, 13 September 2010

Time with Family

Matthew and Sarah with cocktails
Sarah in Porto Rotondo Fathersday Pizza
Dad and the Kids
A Supermaxi at speed
Matt's famous backflip
Matt and Brad - its not all fun Dinner in Olbia
Hi from Clare, Time with Family Saturday 11th September 2010 CRAMPED QUARTERS When I wrote last Saturday we were into day two of the holidays with Andrew’s children and their partners on board Eye Candy. When the kids first talked about spending time with us, we warned them that due to the amount of extra stuff (such as sails, cockpit cushions, shade covers, shopping trolley, computers bags etc) things would be a little cramped. Our lockers and cupboards are full, so the said items usually occupy one of the aft cabins. We split the bulk between two cabins and the kids ended up sleeping on three quarters of a bunk with the lee cloth up to support the extra items with their luggage on top. Not exactly ideal but they managed very well without complaint. HAPPY HOUR MADE EVEN BETTER Throughout the week we pretty well went where the wind took us. Our only plan was to have an easy time and enjoy their company. Saturday we traveled south and stopped off at a few bays for swimming and relaxing. Mim volunteered to be in charge of evening drinks and kept us all happy with delicious and creative cocktails. Fortunately Eye Candy’s fridge can produce a small block of ice daily, so after a thorough beating with the hammer, the ice chilled the cocktails for our enjoyment (Photo 1). FATHER’S DAY Sunday morning the wind was coming from the south so we traveled north and settled at Porto Rotondo. The kids asked Andrew to drop them off at the marina so they could explore the small town (Photo 2). Unbeknown to Andrew the plan was to find somewhere to go out for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. We had traditional Italian Pizza and they were delicious and so much nicer than what we get in Oz (Photo 3 and 4). After dinner we strolled around the very pretty town and had ice creams for supper. Andrew took Sarah, Brad and me back to the boat which was anchored out a mile away. He then went back to get Matt and Min. However the outboard decided to play up and in no time Andrew reappeared back at the boat after having to row some 100 meters (downwind fortunately). Try as he may he could not get the engine to start. He phoned Matt who went to the marina office and requested help. It was agreed that we would bring Eye Candy to the entrance of the marina and they would bring Matt and Mim out in their dinghy. In the meantime they very kindly got Matt and Mim a chair and a cup of coffee. ROLEX MAXI SERIES The following day we headed further north to Porto Cervo to see the Rolex Maxi Series. There were several classes from 90 ft Mini Maxis to the 150 ft Super Maxis. They were pretty fast doing about 12 knots in 10 knots of wind. (Photo 5) We were surprised at how few spectators were present but at least it gave us the chance to get close up without getting in the way. The Australian cruising catamaran “Tactical Directions” was also a spectator. We haven’t seen Tony since we left Turkey in May and so before leaving Andrew and I went over to his boat for a beer and a chat. NIGHT LIFE Tuesday and Wednesday morning were spent in ideal conditions making the most of the sun, warm water and life on Eye Candy (Photo 6). We introduced the kids to our game of Okey which is the Turkish version of Rummy. So after dinner (Photo7) the evenings were spent playing Okey, cards or reading. Fortunately Sarah, Brad, and Matthew are reading the Millennium Trilogy written by Stieg Larsson. I had been given book one and book three of the series by Sam from “Blue Banana”. I thoroughly enjoyed book one but thought book three would have to wait until I got home to purchased and read book two. However we ended up having two copies of book two on the boat. I couldn’t believe my luck, so my spare hours were spent with my nose in a book. I was going out on information overload by the end of book two and thought I would have a break before tackling book three; I lasted exactly two hours. So now I am happily making my way through book three; what a fantastic series. HOLD ON TIGHT We needed to be back in Olbia by Wednesday night as sadly Sarah and Brad were leaving Thursday morning. The forecast showed that the wind was increasing and by lunchtime it was clear we should travel the last ten miles back to Olbia. It was a pretty bumpy ride and Mim sat in the cockpit with a bucket at her feet looking decidedly sea sick. She managed to keep everything down which was a pretty good effort, well done Mim! Once back on Terra Firma the kids had a look around Olbia and then in the evening we went out to dinner (Photo8) and then strolled around the evening markets. SOAKING WET We accompanied Sarah and Brad to the bus stop on Thursday morning and said good bye. Matt and Mim went on with them to the airport and returned back to the boat around noon. As they didn’t have to leave till Friday afternoon, we decided to leave the wharf and enjoy our final night at sea. We spent a windy afternoon tucked up in a pleasant bay. The wind dropped overnight and we woke to a beautiful sunny day and calm conditions. We enjoyed our last swim and then sadly made our way back to the wharf at Olbia. When we approached the wharf we were under a huge black cloud. Andrew called me up from below where I was reading the last three pages of book two. As soon as I saw the menacing cloud I knew we were in for a drowning. So I ran and got wet weather coats for Matt and me as we would be handling the lines. The cloud broke and down it came, poor Matt was on the wharf squelching around in the only solid pair of shoes he had with him. We both looked like a drowned rat by the time the boat was secure. Matt took one look at my dripping hair and said “I think you will need to put your rollers back in Clare” – a slight understatement! OUR LAST FAREWELL Friday afternoon we saw Matt and Mim off at the railway station and continued on to the Laundromat with the sheets and towels. The holiday was over and we were a little flat after everyone had left. However we thoroughly enjoyed their company and it was great that Andrew had the opportunity to spend Father’s Day with Matthew and Sarah. Now we have to learn to live by ourselves again – scary! Sarah and Matthew bought us a bottle of Limoncello as a thank you gift. This will certainly ease the pain of separation. Love Candy xx