Sunday, 5 September 2010

North East Sardinia to Olbia

Wind, wind, wind Cala Volpe Thats us on the left Great shelter Matt and Mim Mim, Brad, Sarah & Matt
Hi from Clare, North East Sardinia to Olbia Sept 4th WHAT A WAY TO LIVE When I last wrote we were sheltering from 40 knot winds in a bay near Porto Cervo on the north eastern side of Sardinia. The following day saw perfect conditions and we enjoyed a very leisurely 10 mile sail south to another very pretty bay. The houses in this area of Sardinia look very expensive looking with sweeping lawns and gardens to the waters edge. They have lavishly furnished gazebos and often a private jetty where their boat is moored and tended by staff; nice work if you can get it! WE SUFFER FROM WIND The following day we sheltered once again from 40 knot wind and by nightfall we were getting a bit fed up (photo 1). Our recently cleaned and polished boat was covered with salt and grime. So next morning out came the hose and chamois for the second time this week; ‘cut it out mother nature we are supposed to be having fun’. I’LL SHOW YOU MINE IF YOU SHOW ME YOURS We had a leisurely day on Tuesday enjoying the sunshine (photo 2) and getting “Eye Candy” ready for visitor’s later in the week. Late Wednesday we went into the busy town of Oblia and moored up to the wharf along with “Mirabella V” which is the largest single masted yacht in the world (photos 3 and 4). It is 100 metres from the masthead to the bottom of the keel (we are 19 metres). It is 75 metres long (we are 12 metres) and 14 meters wide (we are 4) so as you can imagine it was a humbling experience. Mirabella cost US$50 million to build in 2003 (Eye Candy didn’t cost quite that much). The owner isn’t on board and the boat will be in Olbia for two weeks. Andrew asked one of the crew if he could have a look below but of course they said no. Andrew asked when the owner was returning and said he might invite him over to our boat for a drink. The crew member just laughed – what a cheek! YOU CAN RELY ON YOUR CRUISING BUDDIES We met up with Dick and Ginger from their American Yacht “Alchemy”. We first met in 2008 on the EMYR rally and have since kept in touch via email. They too were on the wharf living in the shadow of “Mirabella”. We went out for dinner and had a great night. The restaurant had been recommended by some other cruising folk and it was very good and also reasonably priced. FIRST IN BEST DRESSED Andrew’s son Matthew and his fiancĂ©e Mim joined us on Thursday after spending a few days traveling in Corsica. They jokingly said they came early to get the best cabin and stake their claim (photo 5). Andrew’s daughter Sarah and partner Bradley arrived Friday afternoon after attending a wedding in the Greek Isles. The wedding was great but they were a little disappointed that it is no longer the custom to break plates at such functions. I’m only glad the plates on the boat are made of melamine! BE PREPARED After stocking the boat up with the essentials for a good holiday like alcohol, food, alcohol and more alcohol we departed Olbia for what is promising to be a good time. It is now Saturday afternoon and we are having a good time swimming (photo 6), sun baking, perving on topless bathers, reading, playing board games, music, snoozing, sun downers and sun uppers (just joking). However it is only the beginning of the holiday so anything is possible. It is great to have the kids on board so I must away and enjoy our time together. Love Candy xx