Saturday, 12 September 2009

A very social week

Gocek market day
Firm sweet tomatoes Water Natzi cuts loose
Tomb bay
Lycian Tombs
Playing Rummie with Roger & Alison
Morning coffee with Les & Fran
Hale's fresh bread
Hi from Clare, Friday 11th September, 2009 FABULOUS FOOD We called into Gocek last Saturday to take advantage of the fresh produce market. I bought beautiful quality fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts, eggs and local cheese at little cost. The fresh tomatoes in Turkey are delicious, firm, meaty, a gorgeous colour and sweet to taste. Once chilled I could definitely eat them as a fruit. LOTS OF LAUGHTS On our way back to our boat we were waved in by our Swedish friends Ulf and Irma (U and I) on 'Emma Lin' to have a beer. They had left the grandchildren and parents in Gocek to enjoy some space. U and I told us a very funny story about their dinner the night before at a summer restaurants. These establishments spring up to cater for the boating season. Most are good but some are a bit dicey and operating illegally. The buildings are basic and often with outdoor kitchens operating from a tow away pontoons. At the end of the season the whole thing is dismantled and removed - the quintessential 'Take Away Restaurant'. Unbeknown to U and I, their chosen restaurant had been closed down by the Jandarmes earlier that day for illegal operation. They had taken away the plates, cutlery etc. But with three groups of customers booked for the evening the restaurant stayed open. They told U and I to bring their own fish, which they did. U and I's party consisted of six people but the restaurant only had five plates so Ulf ended up with a fork only. The grandchildren ordered chicken but ended up with a plate of potatoes. A motor bike drove through the restaurant followed by a cow with a Turkish woman in hot pursuit waving a large stick. The cow stopped at the salad bar and with one gulp demolished one of the three salads. The next group of people had arrived for dinner but couldn't start until U and I had finished with the only five plates left by the Jandarmes. Perhaps not such a great dinner but definitely a night to remember. The grandchildren have written down all the details to tell at school. WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE We continued on to Boynur Bay and met up with Roger and Alison on 'Silver Beat' and had a few drinks on 'Eye Candy'. They told us of free spring water nearby at Laundry Bay. The local water boats fill up there and deliver to the many legal restaurants. The following day we filled up with water and washed the boat pouring water over the dusty dodger, bimini and boom bag. The fibre glass deck and cockpit is now very clean and smooth to touch. I'm sure we will visit here again before we leave the area. LET THE GAMES BEGIN Since Monday we have been in Tomb Bay named that because of the Lycian rock tombs which were carved into the hillside around 2000BC. It is a very popular and pretty spot with steep land, lots of pine trees, clear water and good anchoring. We arranged to meet Roger and Alison here on 'Silver Beat' and we spent two great days together. They taught us how to play the Turkish board game of Rummie on their boat on night one. Once mastering the game, the second night's battled was conducted on 'Eye Candy'. There is skill and some luck involved and after two nights we were fairly even. We enjoyed the game immensely even though on night two poor Andrew had the worst hand deal to him, probably in the history of the game. A COFFEE BREAK In Tomb Bay we were anchored with Roger and Alison on one side and Les and Fran from the Terrigal(NSW)Dive Shop on the other. It was like a little Ozzy corner of the bay with much talk and shared cups of coffee between the boats. BREAD AND CAKE On Wednesday we went two and a half miles across the bay to Tersane to met up with another Ozzy couple Allan and Hale on 'Alice'. They are shortly heading to Isreal and then down the Red Sea to Tialand. They have been around the world and in and out of the the Med for ten years. Their boat is in a state of disarray as everything is being checked, repaired and stored for the trip. Andrew was intending to help Allan with the removal of his rudder, but the job went smoothly for Allan and was finished by the time we arrived. Hale has bought a bread maker and is enjoying baking perfect specimens and tantalizing the taste buds of others in the bay. We spent a few enjoyable hours together sampling a cake made in the new bread maker before returning to Tomb Bay. OH NO NOT VODKA I was pretty tired after two late games nights so we had an early dinner. We were just finished a glass of wine when an Israeli guy from a boat two across invited us over for a Vodka. Andrew thanked him for the kind offer but declined. The Israeli was very enthusiastic and no put off. He said "You are most welcome, if you change your mind, you are most welcome" We felt a bit awful, but I couldn't face another late night and the mention of Vodka was enough to scare me off. In the end Andrew took a beer over and I had an early night. INSPIRED BY DISORDER So yesterday was supposed to be a quite day doing nothing. Inspired by Allan and Hale we ended up sorting through the boat and separating out things to take home. We opened every locker and moved everything around. Not sure after hours of reorganizing if we actually achieved anything, but at least we know the location of everything. We always start the day with no real plans giving the illusion of plenty of spare time. But while I have been typing this Andrew, probably inspired again by Allan and Hale, decided to remove the top rudder bearing for lubrication. He is now on deck with a tape measure hatching a plan for other improvements. Stop press, he has been interrupted to fend off a boat heading towards us. I just don't want you to think we are doing nothing out here. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner with our Swedish friends U and I to celebrate Irma's birthday. We are a little worried as they have chosen the restaurant, we can only hope they have learnt from their last experience. But just in case a cow passes through for salad, I will have the camera ready. love CANDY

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