Sunday, 20 September 2009

Irma's Birthday in Gocek

Hi from Clare, Friday 18th September 2009

We went out on Saturday night with our Swedish friends to celebrate Irma's birthday. I am happy to report that the night did not include a cow eating from the restaurant's salad bar. Instead, we only had to weather a storm; we think the Swedes are jinxed.

After weeks of perfect weather the sky was looking very threatening as we joined our friends on the balcony of their motel for pre dinner drinks. A very pleasant hour was spent before the skies opened and sent rivers of rain water gushing through the streets of Gocek. We were overdue for the restaurant so we borrowed a couple of large umbrellas from the motel's pool area and dashed up the street. The canvas over the outdoor eating area of the restaurant was sagging with pools of water. The waiters were frantically poking at it with poles to disperse the water before the whole lot came down on the diners. Our table for eight was nicely laid out on the other side of a stream of water rushing through the restaurant. Not to be beaten by a mere flood the waiters were out with brooms sweeping with great flurry. But the show must go on, so plastic beer crates were placed under our table to elevate our feet. Maybe they thought our feet were dry - I have no idea why they would think such a thing!

Since the rain, the days have been sunny, humid and very hot with temperatures in the mid thirties. Ice cold drinks on Eye Candy have been achieved with a little lateral thinking. We have discovered that by placing a water filled plastic bag on the cold plate in the fridge, we can make enough ice for our drinks at night. The only problem is that the ice is in big lumps (icebergs)which need cracking with the hammer thus puncturing the plastic bag. The thought came to me (when dying my hair)that a pair of rubber gloves might be the solution. It works well and the ice is easy to break off and the gloves can be refilled. The question now is "how many fingers of gin and how many fingers of ice". Andrew (Mr Invention) thinks this is the best idea I have come up with - I'm not going to tell him about the others, ha ha.

We have stayed around Gocek this week traveling between the many bays to catch up with friends for coffee, board games, cards, meals or having a quiet drink or two. We are currently anchored in Deep Bay near a small beach. Yesterday Ulf took the attached photo showing Eye Candy on the left and their boat Emma Lyn on the right. He was the only one energetic or crazy enough to climb the hill. This morning the Swedes moved on and so we have the anchorage to ourself. So far we have been left in peace.

A lot of our cruising friends are now returning to Turkey as the season is coming to an end - boo hoo. We have been in touch by email and hope to catch up with them before we go home in three weeks - yes that's right, only three weeks to go.

love CANDY

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