Friday, 31 July 2009

Paroikia Paros

Back Streets of Parokia Clare and Bunny at Girl's Lunch
Ancient Marble Mine
"Not Blue" Jewelery Shop
Old Home in Lefkas Town
Church in Lefkas
From a Hilltop on Paros
Hi from Clare, Friday 30th July 2009 PLENTY OF COMINGS AND GOINGS We came around to the western side of Paros to the township of Parokia a week ago. We are anchored in the large bay with many other boats. The town wharf is crowded with yachts moored two and three deep - glad we are not in there! As many as twelve ferries arrive each day delivering people and goods, so the town is lively with excellent facilities. We go in to town each day for supplies, internet or for a walk. A FRIENDLY GAME Most days we have spent time with our American neighbours Bill and Bunny on Onset. The guys enjoy talking about boats, batteries, sola panels and any amount of other technical issues that would put a girl to sleep. Fortunately Bunny and I go into town, browse through the shops, have lunch and chat for hours about girls things (which OK, would put a boy to sleep). The other night on Onset we played a game of Dominos called Mexican Train. It took about three hours with the lead changing constantly, but in the end Bill won. We teased him that firstly he was very lucky and secondly he was the scorer. Their daughter and her two children have arrived from America so tonight they are coming over after dinner. The kids can watch a DVD below while the adults have a few drinks in the cockpit. Eventually we will have to tear ourselves away from this comfortable lifestyle and go sailing, but there is no hurry. CHEESE PIES AND VEGETABLES Yesterday Andrew and I hired a bike and traveled around the island. We went to the town of Lefkes which is at the highest point and also in the centre of the island. A once isolated old Greek village, it is now quite the tourist attraction with outdoor restaurants, hotels with swimming pools and art and jewelry shop at every turn. The modern bakery was doing a roaring trade selling traditional cheese pies and delicious cakes. But as it is a old Greek village, just outside the bakery a weather beaten farmer sold fresh vegetables off the back of a cart. Like most Greek villages the church was the most substantial building in town. The vaulted ceiling was covered with biblical paintings, a mini Sistine Chapel, and any amount of marble, silver, gold, lace and crystal adornment. But for all its beauty, like every Greek church I've seen the congregation sits on very hard and uncomfortable chairs. THE FLASHLIGHT RETURNS We also visited an ancient marble mine. It was about seventy five metres underground. It was a fairly steep walk down to the cold darkness. Fortunately Andrew took a flashlight, but I chickened out half way down, it was a creepy place. I sat on a rock waiting for Andrew and considering how I was going to find him in the dark if he didn't return. Thankfully it wasn't too long before the flashlight re appeared and once again I thought 'I've never been so glad to see you in all my life'. ARE YOU STILL ON THE BACK OF THE BIKE? We took eight hours to circumnavigate the fifty five kilometre island, stopping for lunch, a swim and exploring. The bike was good fun and with the wind in my face, the smell of petrol fumes and the roar of the engine I felt like Anthony Hopkins in 'The World's Fastest Indian' However by the end of the day I staggered off the back of the bike thoroughly convinced I couldn't throw my leg over that seat one more time if you begged me. Andrew charged off into the rental office to return his helmet while I tried to get my legs to work properly. The guy in the office asked Andrew: "Where is the other helmet?" Andrew replied "Clare's got it" The guy asked "So where's Clare?" Andrew looked around and replied "Oh, she must have fallen off" Well I'm not as young as I used to be, but after a good night's sleep all it well. love CANDY

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