Wednesday, 8 July 2009

F&A - Arki and Samos

Peaceful Bay at Arki Monument to Pythagoras Clare, Andrew & Wendy
600BC Tunnel
Andrew in Samos Town
Hi from Clare, 8/7/09 PEACEFUL BAY We sailed from Patmos to the next island Arki on the 1st July and anchored in a quiet and secluded bay. About the only noise to be heard was the clanging of bells from a large herd of goats grazing nearby. It was a very peaceful bay and so we enjoyed swimming, relaxing, and a walk into the small village. It is quite noticeable how few tourists are around this year. There were two large gullets in the bay at Arki. These vessels are usually carry dozens of people but one vessel had two guests (and three staff) and the other had a small family on board. So if you like being pampered, here is your chance. PYTHAGORAS We left Arki and sailed to the island of Samos on 4th July. We had a great sail for three quarters of the 20 mile trip with the wind at 60 degrees apparent, but as we got into the lee of the large mountains of Samos the wind came from all directions and was very gusty. We are anchored in the harbour of Pythagorion at Samos, the town was named after the mathematician Pythagoras who was born here 580BC. It is a nice sea side resort with cobbled streets and plenty on restaurants and tourist shops. For us, the most interesting thing here is a tunnel excavated to bring water to the town around 600BC. It runs from the north spring behind the mountains to the south of Pythagorion. Two teams, one on the south and one on the north built the tunnel. The two teams met in the middle of the 1 kilometre tunnel with less than a metre difference. Not a bad effort hey!
WHO NEEDS LASER ALIGNMENT We climbed to the top of the hill with an Ausie couple Wendy and Stephan who's boat was also anchored in the bay. It is a small world as Wendy has an Aunty who lives a few streets away from our home in Kiama - we wouldn't want to be on the run! We spent most of the day together. Andrew helped Stephan commission his water maker which they have had for a couple of years. We had drinks on Eye Candy that night and talked until 1am before we drew breath long enough to enquire 'what's the time'?
SAMOS TOWN The following day (Monday) Andrew and I took the local bus across the other side of the island to Samos town. Quite different from the tourist town of Pythagorion, Samos is a thriving little city with all amenities,parks and gardens and fashionable shops. We eagerly made our way to the museum but no luck as the sign said 'open every day " hurray 'except Monday' boo! Oh well, can't win them all. Late in the day we left the harbour and took the boat to a small bay at the other end of the island. We watched the full moon rise over the mountain silhouetting the communication towers against the massive red ball. I tried to photograph it but to no avail, it was just one of those magnificent sights I will have to remember.
BEACH BBQ Last night we had a BBQ on the beach (more about that later) with an English couple, Karen and Andrew, that we met when anchored in the bay at Arki. They are leaving their boat in the marina and heading back to England. Andrew and I decided to take the dinghy around from the harbour to the marina. Not the best idea we have ever had, it was quite the adventurous trip in choppy seas. We knew what we were in for as we watched a small fishing boat coming in and bouncing through the waves. However we didn't want to leave the dinghy unattended for hours on the wharf at night and walk to the marina. Andrew negotiated the waves pretty well and we rode them up and down, but of course there is always a couple of waves that jump up and drown you, we arrived in wet clothes - good thing it was a warm night.
The BBQ was great, Karen and Andrew had some Belgian friends with them also and so the six of us set up our BBQ on the beach. The beach was a small area of white rocks near the marina. Sand is a bit of a novelty in the Med and about the only thing that resembled a beach was the presence of sea water. However we still had a good night sitting around on the rocks and bits of drift wood. We built a fire in a little pit and in no time we were feasting on pork chops, chicken, kababs, sausage and a various salads. Once again the lively conversation was only halted by the lateness of the evening. Fortunately the seas had flattened out by the time we left and the return trip to the harbour was smooth and eventful.
WHAT'S NEXT We will leave here in the morning and hopefully find a calmer place for a few days. The harbour here is at the base of a mountain range and the wind is very fluky. The boats are dancing around, giggling about and changing directions constantly. Not the most pleasant place but the company has been great.

Love Candy

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