Tuesday, 7 October 2014

27/2014 Beautiful Bonaire

Hi from Clare,                                       Monday 6th October, 2014

So the weeks slip by in beautiful Bonaire and we are very happy and content. We have everything we need here, good friends, good shopping and wonderful warm clear water with great diving.
Honeycomb Cow fish

Grey Angel fish
When Aussie friends Patrick and Cheryl were here we averaged two dives a day. However since their departure we are now averaging one dive a day with English friends Jeremy and Susie on 'Joy of Shamrock'. Both Jeremy and Susie are fairly new to diving, Susie having just qualified a few weeks ago in Bonaire. They are both very relaxed in the water and we are having fun sharing the dives together.
Blue Chromis

Spotted Moray Eel
When Patrick came he brought some requested items from Australia for the boat. Andrew has been busy assembling and installing an ultrasonic Anti-fouling device which emits ultrasonic sound and hopefully prevents barnacles growing on the bottom of the boat. He spent one night soldering the components and two nights installing the device including gluing the transducer to the inside of the hull. When we are in the water under the boat we can hear it beeping. We will find out how effective the device is when we are in Cartagena, Columbia as the harbor has a reputation for healthy barnacle growth.
Spider Crabs
Andrew has also installed a switch to the AIS transmitter so we can turn it off and therefore not be seen if we so wish. He has also installed a switch for the radar so we can turn it off and save power, but still have use of the plotter. Patrick gave us some 12 volt USB chargers which Andrew has also installed. It is much easier now to plug in and charge phones, Ipads, kindles etc; no more crawling under the Nav station to turn on the inverter - fantastic. Patrick also gave us some big pegs to secure towels/clothes to the steering wheel or arch for drying. All these little improvements make life on the boat easier, but don't spoil us too much Patrick or we may never get off.
Juvenile Spotted Drum fish
So while Andrew has been busy installing I have been critically appraising the food stocks with the Pacific crossing in mind. Items considered 'nice to have' but no essential have been put to one side for eating before January. I have also been on the internet researching dehydrated foods and vacuum packing. The goal for the Pacific is to have the right foods without weighting the boat down. As we will be there for many months and food supply is variable, there is much to consider.

We will probably be in Bonaire for another week or so. We have had a wonderful holiday here and we will be sad to leave.

Love Candy xx

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