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25/2014 Matt's short stay

Hi from Clare,                       Friday 29th August 2014

The highlight since our last newsletter was a visit from Matthew (Andrew's son). He arrived in Bonaire Thursday night 21st August and soon relaxed with an evening dip and a few beers in the cockpit.
Happy Hour at Karel's

Even happier

Andrew, Matt, Bruce (Vixen) and Johan (like Dolphins)
Friday we took Eye Candy out to Klein Bonaire and had two dives from the back of the boat. Matthew enjoyed the warm water and easy diving conditions and spent hours chasing fish with his video camera. That evening we joined twenty cruisers for happy hour at Karel's Beachside Bar, see photos.
Spotted Drum fish

On Saturday Andrew and Matt went for two more dives from the dinghy. It's a bit crowded with three in the dinghy plus dive gear so I opted to stay at home. Saturday night Matt, Andrew and I went out for BBQ ribs. The family restaurant is only opened at the weekends and is situated in their back yard. It's very nicely decorated with potted plants and hanging lights. It's a firm favorite with the cruisers as the price is right and the food is good or lecker in Dutch. This is one of the few Dutch words we have learnt but it seems to be used quite a lot, so we are doing OK.
Matt and Andrew

Sunday we left Bonaire and had a very pleasant thirty miles downwind sail to Curacao. We were booked into Curacao Marina on Sunday night in preparation for our appointment with the rigger the following day. It was very hot and the water was too dirty for swimming. Fortunately for us we are on the outside pontoon and in the breeze.
Harbour front entering Curacao
The high bridge at Curacao

Monday morning we took the dinghy into town and checked into the country. Andrew had to get back to the boat for the rigger. Matt and I stayed in the city and enjoyed strolling around the tourist area and taking refuge in the air conditioned shops when we got too hot. A morning coffee in air conditioned comfort was rejuvenating and lunch in the shade by the waterfront was also very pleasant. We got back to the boat late afternoon and wondered what sort of a mood we would find Andrew in. Thankfully the rigging inspection went very well and Andrew was greatly relieved and ready for a cooling sundowner.

Sadly, Tuesday was departure day for Matt. We decided (that as the marina is out in the middle of nowhere) a hire car was the best way to get Matt to the airport. After many aborted phone calls, due to either language difficulties or non availability of cars, we eventually got a hire car from Budget. Andrew and Matt were picked up and taken to a hotel to collect the car: so far so good. The rot set in when seven minutes after they got the car the gear stick disconnected. Andrew bumped the car up onto the curb and there they sat. After a few more phone calls to Budget it was evident that a speedy rescue wasn't happening and Matt, who was running out of time, should walk back to the marina, collect his bags and get a cab to the airport. Poor Matt had a very hot walk back and was dripping with perspiration when he arrived. He only had time for a quick shower and a bite of lunch before the taxi came. Meanwhile Andrew stood in the sun waiting for the tow truck to arrive and a lift back to Budget. We eventually got a replacement hire car around 1pm but it was too late for Matt.

Last night we had drinks with German friends Robert and Ursula on 'Yara'. They were part of the cruising community in Bonaire and like us are now in Curacao Marina for some maintenance. We had a very enjoyable evening and it was good to put the work aside for a few hours and just talk boats - I can't believe I said that!
In our last newsletter I said that with regard to the rigging inspection we were hoping for a speedy, inexpensive and excellent job. Well just for once our wish was granted. The only thing that needed replacing was the starboard D2 and our whole experience with the rigger was a good story.

Tomorrow morning we will leave the marina and travel eight miles to Spanish Waters to join the cruising community anchored in the bay. We have some friends there and I believe it is easier to get into town. We will wait there in the hope of calmer conditions to travel back into the wind to Bonaire.
Our Aussie friends Patrick and Cheryl are arriving in Bonaire on 6th September to spend a few weeks with us diving. It will be funny having a dive holiday with Patrick as he won't be able to talk under water. For those of you who know Patrick - you know exactly what I mean.

Love Candy xx

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