Thursday, 30 May 2013

No 19/13 Portsmouth and Norfolk

Hi from Clare,                                                                 Wednesday 29th May 2013

We spent a few days motoring up the ICW to Portsmouth Virginia. We travelled with Aussie friends Carol and Peter on 'Jack Tar' and Harry on 'Malua'. We spent two days at Great Bridge on the free dock close to town and caught up with shopping and laundry. With all the mundane chores completed we arrived into Portsmouth/Norfolk on Saturday ready for some fun. Here we also met up with our Kiwi friends Brenda and David on 'Bandit' and so we had lots of playmates.

We all stayed in the little yacht basin where Eye Candy sheltered from Hurricane Sandy last year. Our first port of call was to revisit our American friend Bob at Mile Marker "O" Marine Supply. We received a hearty welcome with a slap on the back and a bear hug for Andrew and a kiss and cuddle for me; it was like we had never left. The following night we were invited along with Harry to share in a BBQ at Bob's home. It was a terrific evening catching up with Bob and Cassie and their son Austin; such lovely people and fun to be with, we are always sad to leave.

Andrew, David, Brenda and Harry.  Bob, Austin, Cassie

Monday was Memorial Day and so we enjoyed the parade. Many of the townsfolk lined the street and enthusiastically participated. The population of Portsmouth is 52% black and 48% white. We had a black family next to us and the mother was our entertainment for the day encouraging every entry as they passed with a running commentary "Now here comes No 34, what is it? Oh! The Lady Veterans" and she called out "looking good ladies - you're looking real good - done a great job - it's your day ladies - have a good one - looking good, looking real good" I must say she brought a smile to many of the participant's faces.




Memorial Day Parade

A short ferry ride across the river to Norfolk gave us access to a large shopping centre. Andrew bought a new pair of sandals which were well overdue. The old pair was purchased in Turkey and had been stitched and restitched numerous times, one might say they were well worn. I was delighted to have my eyes tested and then get new bifocal glasses made up in one hour. I bought both bifocal sun glasses and spectacles which I was in desperate need of after breaking mine late last year. The Optometrist said "this is a substantial script, how on earth have you been coping?" Well, had I known it was possible to have them replaced in one hour, I would have done it long ago. It's a far cry from the usual one week wait in Australia - God Bless America.
Eye Candy at the Norfolk OCC dock

Late Monday we moved the boat from Portsmouth across the river to a free OCC (Ocean Cruising Club) slip at Norfolk. We joined the OCC after we crossed the Atlantic as a requirement for membership is to complete a thousand mile ocean passage. The Norfolk OCC Port Captain welcomed us and eleven OCC members had dinner at their home on Monday night. For us, the main advantage of joining is becoming part of the cruising community. We already know quite a few OCC members and it is amazing how often we run into them.

We left Norfolk this morning and sailed thirty two miles to Yorktown, Virginia. We are now at anchor waiting for 'Jack Tar' and 'Malua' to arrive shortly. We will go and have a look around town before moving further north tomorrow.
Love Candy xx

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