Friday, 19 April 2013

No 14 More Isla Mujeres

Hi from Clare,                                Thursday 18th April 2013

Our second week in Isla Mujeres Mexico has been a fairly quiet one. We have been anchored off the marina with a number of other boats. It has been a windy week and so we have stayed in close proximity of the boat in case of dragging.

We enjoyed our BBQ last Wednesday at El Milagro marina, so much so that last night we attended the weekly BBQ again. Last week they cooked a big grouper and last night we had a huge snapper. The salads and hot side dishes were delicious. The Staff does the cooking and washing up and so for the lowly sum of $10 per person all we have to do is enjoy.

Fish on the barbie

We also had a pizza with American friends Sonny and Kay on 'Valentina' at their marina. The chef comes from New York. He sailed down to Isla Mujeres some time ago and has stayed. The pizza is excellent and so big that we couldn't finish one pizza between the four of us.
We also went out for a Mexican meal with English friends Phil and Nicky on 'Ajaya'. The restaurant is called The Soggy Pesos; doesn't sound very inviting does it? However the food is very good and restaurant is well frequented by the cruising community.

The Pizza with Kay and Sonny

We have walked into town a few times and I bought two summer frocks after some bartering. The price here is definitely "whatever they can get for it". I priced a dress on Monday and then on Tuesday I priced the same dress with the same fellow and the price had gone up three fold. I mentioned it to him and he just said "sorry" and walked away. I discovered later that there was a cruise ship in town that day; I guess it makes a difference!
Some things here are remarkably inexpensive. We bought a Mares mask and snorkel for $37 retail. The same mask and snorkel we bought in Australia last year for $100 wholesale. My L'oreal of Paris hair colour is $5.60 here and in Australia I have paid as much as $17 for the same. So I will do some stocking up before we leave.
We also went snorkeling but the visibility was really poor. Apart from that we have been reading and surfing the net and just waiting.

We may leave tonight for the USA. The wind is supposed to drop down and although the window of opportunity is not big, it might be the only one we get for the next two weeks.

Love Candy xx

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