Friday, 29 March 2013

No 12/13 Governors Harbour, CI

Hi from Clare,                            Thursday 28th March 2013

We have enjoyed a quiet week in Governors Harbour, Grand Cayman along with our friends Patrick and Amanda on “Egret” and Phil and Nicky on “Ajaya”. We have shared meals, drinks and good company every day.

We took the bus into George Town to see the Duty Free Shopping and walked the streets with thousands of passengers from the cruise ships. The weather has been very windy and at one point, while 1700 passengers waited for pick up, there was a dispute between the cruise ships and the Caymanian tender drivers as to which side to reload them because of the swell. Fortunately for us we are well protected in Governors Harbour and we have good shopping and internet access close by.


Street scenes in tourist Georgetown


We could do some more exploring but we are enjoying taking it easy. Phil and Nicky took the bus to the east end of the island and ended up stranded. The advertised return bus failed to show and they were a bit anxious as night fall approached. Eventually they got back to their boat by hitching a ride with a one of the locals.


One of the many Cruise ships & Amanda, Clare, Nikki, Phil and Patrick at drinks on Egret

The island is very upmarket with many homes priced between one to five million. Patrick (Egret) has an English friend who lives and works here as a lawyer. He said the development on the island is like a run away train. I guess low income tax is a draw card but in addition the island is very attractive with lovely sandy beaches and aqua sparkling warm water.


Andrew has been very industrious polishing the deck and I have been spring cleaning below. Eye Candy is looking pretty good.


We will head for Mexico on Sunday or Monday when the wind drops.

Love Candy xx