Monday, 20 August 2012

No 28 Maine Part III

Hi from Clare,                                   Sunday 19th August 2012

Last Monday was a beautiful day and so we hiked to the top of Mount Dorr, Mount Desert Island, Maine. We went with Kurt and Katie (Interlude) and their friends Fred and Monica (Sagitta 11). It wasn't really a hike it was more like being in the gym on the stair master for a couple of hours. Apparently the stairway is the short cut up the steep incline to 1250 ft. Stairs are fine for the likes of long legged Kurt, Katie, Fred and Andrew. However I was at a distinct disadvantage at 5.2" and I would have had a grizzle expect Monica is shorter than me, five years older and scaled the cliff face like a mountain goat - what could I say?

Summit of Mt Dorr at last and the views

The following day Andrew and I took it easy with a bus trip around the coast. We got off at Sandy beach and walked the track to the next bus stop at Thunder Cave. As you can see by
the photos it is a very pretty walk and thankfully it was on the flat.

Sands Beach and the Ocean Track

That evening we had drinks with new friends Neville and Glenys on 'Alba' along with Mark and Julie on 'Rachel'. These guys are English and long time cruisers like us. We had a great night and although we all went our separate ways the following morning, I'm sure we will meet again.

We moved across to the Cranberry Islands to catch up with American friends Bert and Prue (Exurberant). We had a couple of quiet days. Bert and Prue came over to Eye Candy for drinks the first night but on the second day it just poured rain. I did domestics while Andrew finished rubbing down the companion way and applying multiple coats of varnish. He still has a couple of steps to go but already it looks a million times better.

We don't intend travelling any further east along the coast of Maine. We have turned around and are now heading back to New York. All going well we should be back in New York by mid September and then Washington by mid October. So far this year we haven't had a hurricane come up the east coast of America. They have been forming out in the Atlantic and dissipating in the Caribbean; let's hope it stays that way.

Eye Candy in Pulpit Harbour and the Tribe gathers for sunset

We sailed 35 miles to Pulpit Harbour. This is a very popular overnight stop in very peaceful surroundings. The harbor is well known for its beautiful sunsets. We had drinks with new American friends Rus and Lyn on 'Blue Highway' along with Interlude and Exuberance. Six Americans and two Aussie's - we were the quiet ones.

Bert and Prue from Exuberant and the Interlude team of Katie and Kurt

Yesterday we sailed eight miles to Rockland in time to invite Stu and Steph (Matador) over for morning tea. We have been talking on the MagNet each morning but we haven't seen them for nearly two months. They are still heading east so it was only a quick hello. Stu and Andrew headed to the Ship's Chandlers in search of an equivalent to 10mm anchor chain. They didn't have any luck, we might have to wait until we get to the French Caribbean Islands where metric is available. In the meantime our anchor chain is very rusty and we get splattered with muck when pulling it up.
Last night we went out to dinner for Andrew's birthday. Bert and Prue (Exuberant) came with us. The food was delicious and we had a lovely night.

The main event for the coming week will be visiting Boston. Just as sailing past the Statue of Liberty was one of my goals, so too is empting my tea leaves into Boston Harbour - I'm planning my own party!

Love Candy xx

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