Tuesday, 17 July 2012

No 23 NYC

 Hi from Clare,                                                    Monday 16th July 2012

We have spent a fantastic and frantic week in New York visiting both the city and Matthew (Andrew's son) and his wife Mim - what a city!
Ms Liberty and the Anchorage behind the Statue
Ever since we got the boat, one of my ambitions has been to sail into New York harbour and wave to the statue of Liberty. Well we did this last Sunday and I was so excited I was jumping, Andrew kept saying "settle down Clare" but there was no containing me, I was jumping for joy with a grin from ear to ear.

Historic Train Station (1896) and Ellis Is
We then anchored (as seen in the photo) in a small bay behind the statue; right in the middle of NYC, how good is that? We spent two very peaceful nights there and walked through Liberty Park viewing Ellis Island and the associated historic rail road station where thousands of hopeful refugees passed through on their way to America in the early 1900's.

On Tuesday we moved the boat to the 79th St Boat Basin in the Hudson River and took a mooring ball for the next two nights. We were located not far from where a disabled passenger plane landed in the Hudson R a few years ago. Also 79th St is close to Central Park and Broadway so we were in easy walking distance of the city.
Andrew & Mark in Timesquare and Clare with Elmo
Matt and Mim (who had been away camping for the weekend) rode their bikes through Central Park and came over for dinner on the boat. It was wonderful to see the newly weds looking fit and happy in their new environment. We also met up with an Aussie friend Mark on "Sealife" who had been at the Boat Basin for two weeks and so knew his way around the city. The following day Mark took us on a guided tour of Time Square, The Empire Sate Building, lunch on 5th Avenue, Central Station, Macy's (the department store in NY) and New York Public Library. We then stopped for cooling Ale and met up with Matt and Mim for dinner in a part of town known as Hell's Kitchen which has about a hundred restaurants one after the other and offers every imaginable cuisine. What a busy city and by the time Andrew and I got back to the boat our ears were ringing from the constant city noise.
Empire State Building
Looking West and Grand Central Station
On Thursday we moved the boat twenty four miles down to Port Washington. This is a lovely well protected bay at the end of the train line into NY. Matthew was working in Boston on Thursday and Friday and so we had time to explore the lovely little town and do some shopping and laundry. We took a mooring ball for the next few days so we could go back into the city (a 45 minute rail trip) and stay with Matt and Mim in their apartment. On Friday night we (Mark, Andrew and I) had a light meal and a few drinks at Matt and Mim's place before going to Gershwins' Porgy and Bess on Broadway. Matt organized terrific seats and we all enjoyed the show immensely. Afterward we strolled through Time Square enjoying the night life in the "city that never sleeps." There is every type of good humored street entertainment ranging from Mickey Mouse to The Naked Cowboy.
At Porgy & Bess and Clare with the Naked Cowboy
Saturday we went to Yankee Stadium for a ball game between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angles. What a fabulous experience and once again Matt had purchased great seats for us. We were behind the home plate with a perfect view of the game from our shaded grandstand. To complete the day, the Yankees won the match 5-3. We made our way back to Matt and Mim's apartment and then went up to one of their favorite bars for dinner.
Sunday we went into Central Park; a wonderful leafy green area which is well frequented by people of all ages. We also strolled down Madison, Park and 5th Avenue taking in all the expensive shops and posh hotels before saying goodbye until our return trip in September.
Central Park
So we are now in Northport which is 16 miles east of Port Washington. We have parted company with Mark who is staying in New York for three months. We have met up again with Innamorata and also Egret. Amanda and Patrick on Egret are the couple that lost part of their rudder when crossing the Atlantic in December. Although we have been in contact with them by radio each morning, we have only now caught up with them.

The area here is very well to do. There are mansions around the foreshore. One of them is owned by the Vanderbilt family and is now a museum and opened to the public.

Innamorata and Egret who have been here for a few days are coming over for drinks on Eye Candy in about half an hour. So we will find out what to see in town tomorrow. We will probably move on in a few days, once we work out where we are going.

Love Candy xx

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Yankee Stadium