Monday, 5 March 2012

Back in the water

Hi from Clare,                                                        Saturday 3rd March 2012

No more climbing up and down the ladder to access the boat. No more washing the dishes in a bucket or not being able to use the bathroom.  We breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday morning when Eye Candy was lowered back into the water looking gorgeous with her newly painted bottom, polished sides, scrubbed canvas and gleaming chrome.
Oh so shiny

We are running out of puff but we still have a few jobs to complete; the biggest one is polish the deck. The weather is hot, humid and knocking us around. Added to this, in the last three months we have traveled home twice, sailed 3000 miles across the Atlantic and worked long hours doing annual maintenance, I guess we shouldn’t chastise ourselves too much for feeling lethargic.  

In our short time here we have made some new friends; an American couple and an Irish couple.  We first met the Americans at the B&B we stayed in.  They were staying there also so they could travel to Carnivale.  The Irish couple we met last week when having Yellow Fever injections.  One good thing about the cruising community is that friendships happen easily.  In no time we are sitting around yarning over a few drinks and helping each other out.

We received some bad new on the radio Net about some fellow cruisers we met first in Rabat in September, then again in the Canneries and the Cape Verdes.  They followed us across the Atlantic making their landfall at Granada. They left Granada last week heading for the Panama Canal but unfortunately they hit a reef.  The boat was reported as high and dry and breaking up. The couple waited overnight for rescue by the Venezuelan coast guard. Their last report to the radio Net was the following morning saying that they could see the coast guard approaching. No further information has been received. We can only hope their rescue was successful and that they are safe.

Other disturbing news was heard on our marina’s radio Net this morning.
The local coast guard boarded a cruising yacht here and found a gun and some ammunition that had not been declared; the couple is now in gaol. Their fate is uncertain at this time.

We went into the Port of Spain (the capital) today to one of the many fresh produce markets. The fruit and vege are very good quality and remarkable inexpensive.  To give you an idea; prices converted to Australian dollars

1 kilo tomatoes, broccoli, beans,   $1.60
1 kilo potatoes, pumpkin,   $0.70
Lettuce $0.50
Most herbs $0.60
Large Capsicum $0.65
Apples and Oranges 5 for $1.60
1 kilo Bananas $1.50
Thats Clare in the foreground
I haven’t seen this quality and price since we left Turkey. Bread and bakery items are also very inexpensive.  Meat on the other hand is expensive and red meat is pretty tough. The restaurant at the marina has steak and vegetables for $51.00. I could buy seven bottles of local rum for that price!

We haven’t finalized our plan for the season yet.  We are waiting for easterly winds so we can sail north to Granada.  For the coming week the wind is from the north and the swell is in excess of three meters.  So a plan for this week is forming – polish the deck, eat vegetarian, drink seven bottles of rum!

love Candy xx.