Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hi from Clare,                                       Friday 3rd February 2012

Once again to complete the 105 mile trip to Trinidad we had to sail the Atlantic Ocean. It was a wet and uncomfortable night with a 2-3M swell on our beam and wind 20-33K.  It started to rain so I passed the wet weather jackets up but before Bronwyn got hers zipped up she coped a wave leaving her dripping wet and looking like a drowned rat; remarkably she was still laughing and commented “At least the water’s warm”.  

About the only good thing to say about the trip was that earlier in the day Andrew caught a Wahoo.  Delicious eating but a nasty looking fish with long sharp teeth in a big jaw. It was quite a wrestle just to retrieve the hook. We enjoyed it for dinner the following night in calm waters.

So we are now in Trinidad and Bronwyn left us on Wednesday.  We have lifted the boat out of the water for its annual antifouling, polishing and maintenance. One real bonanza is that the laundry costs $2.50 per load and is open 24 hours a day. At that price I will be washing everything on the boat – at least once!

We will be flying out tomorrow morning to Sydney for two weeks. Andrew’s son Matthew and his fiancée Mim are getting married on 11th February. So it looks like proper clothes and shoes for us.  One of our long time cruising friends told us of a wedding they attended. They thought they scrubbed up well until they saw the photos. They said they looked like a couple of old hippies; let’s hope we do better!

We haven’t seen anything of Trindad yet but we will be back in time for Trinidad’s Carnival; the Caribbean’s biggest and best party; should be fun.

Love Team Atlantic