Sunday, 17 November 2019

14-2019 Port Vila, Heading for Home

Hi from Clare,        14- 2019 Port Vila, Heading for Home             16th November 2019

When we last wrote Eye Candy was at the island of Ambrym and we were waiting for a favourable wind to sail 110 miles south to Port Vila.

On 6th November we left Ambrym at 5am in a light easterly breeze with the intention of sailing 70 miles south to the island of Epi.   Much to our delight the wind co operated and came around to the north east and we sailed the 110 miles to Port Vila on a flat sea. It was the perfect sail to end what has been a very enjoyable sailing season in Vanuatu. We arrived in the well lit harbour of Port Vila at 1am, what a ride.

Since then we have been very busy getting the boat ready to store at the Port Vila boat yard for the cyclone season.  We have fare welled our various cruising friends as they set off for either Australia or New Zealand. We are one of the few boats left here, so I guess this year, we turn the lights out.

Yesterday we took the afternoon off and visited the Vanuatu National Museum.  We are so glad we did this after visiting a number of the islands and remote villages.  Our appreciation for the Museum’s displays and artefacts was greatly enhanced by our exposure to the Vanuatu culture over the last few months.  Our guide at the museum is a chief of one of the villages on Pentecost Island and when not working at the museum, goes home regularly.

Vanuatu National Museum

He did some Vanuatu sandroing (sand drawing) for us. These are geometric figures drawn in a continuous line without lifting the finger. The drawings date back to pre European education and are used to leave messages, explain concepts and teach children. The drawings are often accompanied by stories or song. In the photo below, our guide drew and explained the tradition of land diving. This is done by building a high bamboo tower, tying a vine to the ankles and then diving off. We are looking forward to seeing this tradition in June/July May next year when we return to Vanuatu.

Sandroing - Land Diving Tower

We had a tour of the Museum and our guide explained the purpose of the various face masks, head dresses, tam tam (drums) and other items we have seen in our travels. The guide then played some traditional music on a percussion instrument and ended with the Australian National Anthem,; see photo below.

Tam Tam (Village drums)

On Tuesday we are storing the boat in a steel cradle in the Port Villa boat yard. This cradle will be fastened down to steel rings in the ground. We will have a few more days work before flying home on Friday 22nd November for five months. We are looking forward to catching up with family and friends and also to returning to Vanuatu next year to continue our adventure.

Love Candy xx